We are Providing Solutions For

MIS Reports

  • Production Report
  • Recipe Management
  • Product Management
  • Maintenance reports and alerts
  • Management Consolidated Reports
  • Interface with 3rd Party Software

    Big Scale MIS said as MES System

  • Department wise Data collection
  • Department wise reporting
  • Department wise production planning
  • Production Reports
  • Maintenance reports and alerts
  • Safety Management System
  • Absolute Controller
  • Interface with ERP, SAP etc. Systems
  • TPM

  • Process and Plant Simulation

    Project Description

    Most of today’s process plants like refineries, gas plants, power plants, fertilizer units and petrochemical plants are large, complex and integrated. The quantum of instrumentation, control logics and interlocks involved in these operations is quite enormous and varies from plant to plant. The various advanced control and optimization techniques that are implemented in many plants automate the critical plant operations and greatly remove routine operator actions. Also the existing plants are being upgraded both technology-wise and capacity-wise to give a boost in their performance.

    The ProSimulator model is based on the first principles (Laws of Physics), Design and Experimental data from the plant. It consists of algebraic / differential equations representing mass balance, heat balance, momentum balance, reaction kinetics and equilibrium phase equations.

    extreme conditions (cold start to design condition), and unlimited number of streams and components. The scope of the simulated model spans right from a simple centrifugal pump operation to complex process plants like a FCC/Hydro cracker/Ammonia/Ethylene Plant.

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    Level 1.2.3. Automation

    Project Description

    Our automation engineers are specialists in the implementation of proven and cost-effective solutions, adapted to the needs of steel producers. DVS Technosoft offers systems integrated in all the automation levels, covering the entire production chain, for new installations as well as for the revamping and extension of existing plants. Our extensive experience in drive systems, process control, process optimization, expert packets and plant logistics, combined with our constant emphasis on research and development, form the basis for providing decisive improvements in product quality, performance (yield) and feasibility of the plant.

    - Basic Level 1 Automation, including PLC control system and operation and monitoring HMIs in local and global topology networks (Ethernet).

    - Level 2 process automation, with advanced product control, quality assessment, production optimization, etc.

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    Hospital Mangement

    We have devised the following modules according to the requirements of All Type Hospitals.

    The various modules are
    • Reception Management
    • Patient Registration (OPD And Indoor)
    • OPD
    • OPD Billing
    • Investigation Reporting ( Pathology And Radiology)
    • IPD
    • IPD Billing
    • Pharmacy
    • Accounting ( Patient / Hospital)
    • File Management.
    Inventry Mangement
    Library Mangement
    DVS Library Management Software is the state-of-the-art library automation software. It is user-friendly software developed to work under client-server environment. Although looking at the name of the software, one may think that it is meant for university libraries only,but in fact it is flexible enough to be used for automating any type or size of library. The DVS Library Management Software will help to manage various functions more effectively. It is hoped that this software will increase efficiency and output of the members of staff and improve system and help in attaining customer satisfaction. DVS Library Management Software contains six modules.
    • Acquisition
    • Catalogue
    • Circulation
    • Serial control
    • OPAC
    • Administration
    Energy Saving
  • Adoption of life cycle approach for improving the overall performance of
    Energy Distribution.
  • Achieve Absolute recording , Zero Breakdown in all functional areas of
  • Quick transfer of Exception information to relevant engineer/ Department for
    early action.
  • Centralized Interface for Monitoring and Analysis of Entire Network.
  • Easy configuration and scalable.
  • By default supports up to 1000 Feeders and can be extended to 3000 Feeders.
  • History log view in various forms giving Event Information with time stamp for
    comparison of data.

  • Up-Gradation and Refurbishing

    Project Description

    Verticals Expertise we can offer

    • Refurbishment of Plants and Machines
    • Engineers Services for AC & DC Drives, PLC, HMI and SCADA Development
    • Production / Process Data Logging, Alarms, Faults Monitoring and Control. Reports in Excel, PDF, Graphs as per users requirements
    • Detailed Energy Audits with BEE Certified Energy Auditor, Monitoring and Control, Energy Saving Solutions
    • Engineering Technical Services, Project Engineers Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Controls
    • Process, Machine and Test Equipment Data Logging Softwares
    • Material Handling and Cranes
    • Conveyors
    • Welding Automation
    • Pick and Place
    • Heat Treatment
    • Special Purpose Machines
    • Packaging and Food
    • Plastic Injection Molding Machines
    • Upgradation / Refurbishments of Machines and Plants
    • Process Automation
    • Press Automation
    • Electrical Energy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
    • Energy Audits

    Lighting Distributation

    Project Description


    • Sturdy, rigid chassis assembly assures accurate alignment of interior with panelboard front, prevents flexing, and minimizes possibility of loosening or damage to current carrying parts during and after installation.

    • Receive lighting panelboards in two weeks, with no quantity lim
    its, to help reduce your project cycle time.

    • Panelboards are seismically tested, qualified, and exceed requirements of the UBC.

    •Four point in-and-out adjustment of panel interior is provided to meet critical depth dimensions on flush installations, which compensates for possible misalignment of box at installation.

    •Create a Pow-R-Command network by connecting multiple panelboards, which can allow programming from other panelboards in the system, remote access, data logging, daylight optimization, and more.

    • Wide selections of options and modifications are available to customize the panelboard to any application

    DG Synchronisation

    Project Description

    Our company is engaged in offer qualitative range of Synchronize Systems as per the demands of our esteemed clients. These are sourced from our trusted and reliable vendors that ensure only optimum quality product is delivered at industry leading prices.

    • DG synchronization
    • Auto Mains Failure Pane
    • Auto DG ON OFF
    • Feed back control in DG
    • DG automation
    • Parallel DG operation
    • DG PLC system
    • DG Load sharing
    •DG load management
    • DG efficiency improvement
    • Fuel saving in DG

    Our firm is a reliable enterprise that offers excellent service for DG Load Management. We have a team of highly experienced engineers and other technical & semi-skilled professionals that are efficient in rendering this service as per the information provided by the clients. Further, we make use of modern machine and technology in order to offer our client accurate solution. We offer this service in different customized options so as to meet exact solutions of the offered service.

    Load and Energy Mangement

    Project Description


    • All the load shearing data of individual DG can be seen in this screen.
    • If DGs are running individually then every DG will follow the KW set point assigned to it.
    •But if DGs are running parallel then load shearing will be according to the maximum capacity of every DG.
    •If load on any source exceeds beyond the set point, the load breakers will start tripping one by one according to the priority assigned to every breaker.
    •When consumption matches the generation, load shedding will stop.

    Integration and Communication Solutions

    Project Description

    Integrated Communication Solutions, Inc. (ICS) provides engineering, design, implementation, and managed technology services. A Systems Integrator and Services Aggregator of Information Technology solutions. ICS provides a free IT analysis for our clients. The analysis is used to provide recommendations for technology improvements, improve operational efficiency, and to provide significant cost savings for IT services. An experienced staff provides design and implementation services as well as ongoing support, maintenance of technology systems and Help Desk services. ICS provides collocation services and facilities as well as fully managed cloud services through our alliance partners. Our clients include very large enterprise corporations and much smaller companies. All of our clients receive the highest levels of service. Our technology certifications and partnerships include Cisco Premier Partner, Cisco Advanced Unified Communications, Microsoft Lync Gold Communications, SunGard Business Continuity Services, Aruba Wireless, Adtran Network Systems, Digium Voice Systems, Allworx Voice Systems, Life Size Video Systems, SMS Maintenance Services, Moreson International Conferencing Services, AT&T Solution Provider, Dell Partner. ICS operates in many vertical markets including Health Care, Mnaufacturing, Construction, Financial Institutions, Legal, Education, and Retail.

    Integration for SAP ,ERP and Automation

    Project Description

    •Automation of Business Processes
    •Explaining Interrelated Business Processes
    •Using SAP Business Suite to Automate Business Processes
    •SAP ERP Basics and Navigation
    •Performing Navigation Within the SAP ERP System
    •Outlining the Concepts Applied Across SAP ERP Applications
    •Explaining SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Concepts
    •Outlining New SAP functionality
    •Personalizing the SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    •Financial Accounting (FI) Basics
    •Describing SAP FI Tasks
    •Defining the Organization Levels in SAP FI and SAP Management Accounting (CO)
    •Defining General Ledger (GL) Master Data
    •Posting a GL Account Document
    •SAP Management Accounting (CO) Basics
    •Describing the functions of CO
    •Defining Organizational Levels in CO
    •Completing Postings in CO
    •Purchase-to-Pay Processing in SAP ERP
    •Describing the Purchase-to-Pay Business Process
    •Identifying Organizational Levels that Support the Purchase-to-Pay Business Process
    •Defining the master data used by the procure-to-pay business process
    •Creating a Vendor-Specific Master Record
    •Creating Purchase Requisitions
    •Integrating SAP Ariba Functionality with Procurement in SAP ERP
    •Posting a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order
    •Processing Vendor Invoices
    •Processing the Automatic Payment Run
    •Identifying Purchase-to-Pay Integration Points
    •Plan-to-Produce Processing in SAP ERP
    •Describing the Plan-to-Produce Business Process
    •Identifying Organizational Levels which Support the Plan-to-Produce Business Process
    •Defining Products and Bill of Material Documents
    •Defining Production Processes
    •Explaning the Integration Between CO and Production Planning
    •Creating a Product Cost Estimate
    •Planning Product Demand
    •Defining the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Process
    •Processing MRP
    •Creating and Releasing a Production Order
    •Performing a Material Withdrawal for a Production Order
    •Performing an Order Confirmation and Entering a Goods Receipt
    •Entering Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings
    •Performing Period-End Activities for Production Orders
    •Listing the Integration Points of the Plan-to-Produce Process
    •Order-to-Cash Processing in SAP ERP
    •Describing the Order-to-Cash Business Process
    •Identifying the Organizational Levels That Support the Order-to- Cash Business Process
    •Creating a Customer Master Record
    •Using Material Master Records
    •Creating a Customer Material Condition Record
    •Creating Sales Orders
    •Delivering Sales Orders
    •Creating Customer Invoices
    •Receiving Customer Payment
    •Processing a Profitability Analysis Report for External Market Segments
    •Processing a Profitability Analysis Report for External Market Segments
    •Defining Order-to-Cash Integration Points
    •Internal Orders, Fixed Assets, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    •Describing the Process Between Internal Orders, Fixed Assets, and EAM
    •Creating a Fixed Asset Master Record
    •Monitoring Costs Using Internal Orders
    •Processing a Commitment for an Internal Order
    •Settling Internal Orders
    •Performing Period End Activities for Fixed Assets
    •Defining the Organizational Levels used in EAM
    •Defining the Technical Objects used in EAM
    •Integrating EAM and Fixed Asset Accounting
    •Creating Maintenance Notifications
    •Creating Maintenance Orders
    •Performing Maintenance Activities
    •Completing a Maintenance Order
    •Project Systems in SAP ERP
    •Creating Projects with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Elements
    •Planning Dates and Resources for a Project
    •Assigning Materials and Resources to a Project
    •Planning Project Costs and Revenues