Maintenance Management System (Case Study)

  • MMS:-maintenance management system. Capturing live data from different controller. And analyze the records. This system is used for reduce the maintenance time and increase the performance and OEE.
  • Using this system we can calculate the total downtime, Availability, performance, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
  • We can easily observe the daily downtime alarm. Working on daily down time alarm we can reduce the daily down time and increase the performance.
  • In given application we can easily observed major and minor downtime alarm
  • Maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Quick response to deviations.From standard operating conditions to minimize revenue loss and ensure effective use Of skilled man-power.
  • Less cost to manage & maintain these assets.
Continuous monitoring of remote plant assets for real time information on
  • Production
  • Productivity
  • Availability
  • Losses
  • OEE
Continuous tracking of critical process parameters that help:
  • Identify and address deviations quickly
  • Track equipment health / condition to instill and manage predictive/Condition-based maintenance
Automatic and manual data like rejection, Production Target, Shift scheduler etc.Collection
CNC Machine
  • Nagel
  • Mag
  • Makino
  • Grob
PLC Controller
  • Siemens
  • Fanuc
  • Allen Bradley
  • Rockwell
  • Mitsubishi

  • Live Observation
  • Live Monitoring
  • Maintenances Alarm
  • Alarm History
  • Equipment History
  • Schedule Maintenances
  • Preventive Maintenances
  • Corrective Maintenances
  • Equipment Downtime
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Equipment Availability
  • Production Delays
  • Responsibility Management
  • Production Management
  • Attractive GUI
  • Graphical Representation

Energy Meter
  • DVS Configured energy meters with Machine and Record data on Server such as Voltage, Current and Frequency Consumed by machine per Component
  • Create a special DVS_Network with the help of switches and routers for communication with PLC controller and server. Communication used special interface created by DVS_software. Without disturbing existing network, create our own network.